An application for staff and Sponsors to use, enabling them to manage VIPs as they arrive and while they are on site. All information is updated via a bespoke CMS connected to an organisations' s existing information framework, be that from Salesforce to simple spreadsheets This information can then be updated in real time right up to and during an event With secure log ins to enable information to be restricted to certain members of staff and even sponsors all designated individuals can have an up to date understanding of where VIPs are, their progress through an event and their needs and requirements  
  • Welcome functionality - through use of smart badges VIPs are "seen" as they arrive within 50 m of a user
  • Find Me functionality - through use of in house wi-fi and/ or tracking boxes VIPs can be located throughout an event
  • Proactive Comments can be shared across users and user groups
    • "Mr Brown has arrived and has asked for a drink when he arrives"
  • Emails sent directly to VIPS with content and information requested
  • Flight Times / Delays for each VIP can be received  in real time.
  • Travel Information located
  • Venue Information Distributed
  • Reports generated of VIP activity throughout their time in an event.