Tracking Devices

We have a range of tracking devices to cater for individual event circumstances. The simplest deployment utilises easy to use Raspberry Pi hardware to create stand alone tracking units that record and or connect to the event wifi network and push to AWS IoT. rasp3   Additional functionality can be supplied through our bespoke Boxes which include on board battery for consistent time, clock synchronisation , variable range discovery, storage, data management, and software support. In addition they can track beacons and push the information they are recording simultaneously to enable real time services to be delivered.   A Bluetooth Tracking Unit would normally see all Beacons and Bluetooth devices within a range of up to 60 m. If Wi-Fi is not 100%, all information is stored and cached on the devices and pushed back when connection is confirmed. So real time and stored information is enabled.
Wi-fi Tracking devices enable us to see the Mac Address of delegates with wi-fi switched on thus enabling anonymous data flow analysis to be carried out.