Beacons, NFC and RFID technology

EVDS has extensive experience in the deployment, gathering and analysis of data from these technologies, including at events such as Cannes Lions and Money2020.  


  The actual Beacons that are distributed can take many form factors, from wearable watches to keyfobs and plastic credit card style lanyards. Choice is guided by not only budget and aspiration but also:
  • Number & therefore distribution/ set up costs
  • Back end tech support for Beacons
  • Security
  • Branding
  • Time lines
Eagle View Has Unique Experience of deploying multiple different Beacon Technologies into the pressurised world of Events. We have designed and built networks from a few dozen to of over 1,000 Beacons, normally within the 48 hour Event Set UP window, delivering services such as
  • Wayfinding
  • Content Delivery
  • Messaging
  • Audio Tours
  • Find Me functionality
We can and do deliver internationally. Our first large scale deployment was at Excel...check out the  BLOG  from our first large scale deployment for HP


Most of us will be familiar with the use of NFC "Near Field Communication" in our every day Eagle View we utilise NFC both as a stand alone service  and integrated into our "SmartBadges" As an integrated part of our "SmartBadges" we utilise NFC to manage and control our BLE output i.e. tap to switch on and, through a simple to use NFC app, we can change the frequency and strength of the signal transmitted from the badge..even delaying the moment the badge switches itself on. The enables us to deliver flexible tailored solutions for every circumstance In addition by utilising the NFC within the SmartBadges  VIPs, Sponsors and Speakers can be given access to a range of services all designed to give a frictionless experience

  • In a simplest form we can deliver entry to VIP areas of the event. In the example shown via an ipad within a totem
  • NFC badges can also deliver a range of contactless secure transactional services: both on site and off site (Closed & Open loops)
  • Payments to hotel entry, event reservations and exhibition stand use...all designed to make the VIP's event experience an enhanced one but also can deliver
    • New Revenue streams - Hotels
    • Improved re sign from VIPS and Speakers
    • Higher VIP Additional Revenue
    • Enhanced Revenue from existing services - NFC was recently rolled out at one of  Canada's biggest music festivals. As they transitioned from cash and tokens to cashless payments the result was a 48% revenue boost in on-site spending.