Beacon Network Installation

Beacon Networks Deploying Beacon Networks in Events

Eagle View have spent the last couple of years optimizing the delivery of location and Beacon networks for the Events Industry. We have worked across multiple hardware and software vendors, from the Middle East to Cannes, small niche content led events to the largest of trade shows and exhibitions .

A challenging environment. Why ? A very tight set up time window, an inability to test in advance, the impact of large numbers of delegates in close proximity, and often a lot of conflicting technology in an enclosed space, combined with an ecosystem of multiple integrated technologies makes for an intensive few days and did we mention the impossibly short take down window? Preparation is key.

A great example of our activity can be read on the HP BLOG : Beacons in your networks deploying at Aruba Events:

We are quite agnostic and have delivered Networks as diverse as Crowd Connected Gimbal, KontactIo, Aruba , & EM Microelectronic, different Events need differing solutions although if asked we do have our favourites !