There are of course different types of events both in size and purpose:

From trade shows, Content led conferences to niche VIP forums Analysis, its purpose and outcomes needs to be tailored accordingly.

We see three key areas of application for the intelligence and analytics

Delegate analytics (mainly for exhibition-driven events): the key business questions are about flows and presence, how delegates move around, where they spend their time

Content analytics and performance (mainly for content-driven events): what works and what doesn't in terms of sessions, topics and speakers. i.e. analysing the audience for content sessions.Is it possible to derive interest for specific segments of delegates?


  • Individual personalisation: driving content and messages that are personal to a delegate because they have attended some specific sessions and more generally based on what we know about them
  • Segment personalisation: each event has a set of personas based on what we track at the event, we can group people by primary interests (content, networking, business, ...) and then map this to personas and store this information in a CRM such as Salesforce. Then, we can use the most effective communication for each type of customer. E.g. different types of mailings or bespoke landing pages.