Event Analysis

Eagle View has two main event analysis capabilities:

  • Understanding delegate behaviour, including real time insights
  • Delivering real time return on investment data

Understanding Delegate behaviour how they arrive , where they go, dwell time and time spent at an event is key to be able to not only improve experiences, drive strategic decisions, enable value-added services but also enable us to answer business questions such as:

  • Can we optimize agenda or space allocation?
  • How does onsite behaviour affect NPS?
  • Is it possible to derive interest for specific segments of delegates?
  • Can on-site operations be optimised?
  • Where are niches of interests?
  • What topics to invest more into?
  • Are there clusters of delegates, based on their onsite behaviour?
  • Do improvements in experience for key personas lead to increased retention?
  • Can we deliver bespoke content to encourage year long engagement and increase footfall at other events?

How we do it:

  • Analyse business needs and existing sources of knowledge
  • Tailor the data collection, size and type of observed delegates and design the analytics model
  • Setup the delegate tracking at the event
  • Analyse, visualise and present the insights to support decision making

Key in our delegate analysis service is the capturing, analysis and de-duplication of anonymised data that provides insight into behaviour. This information is taken from the Wi-Fi controller, without the need for any software uploads.


Delivering real time return on investment data

Through multi source data integration we can present event dashboards, in real time, through a browser interface. This allows instant visibility of key events metrics whilst the event is in flight, facilitating live decision making to really maximise the event.

Any data feed can be integrated, and APIs for key data sources such as Visit by GES are already in place. The overall architecture is shown below:


Through this integration, we are then able to generate real time MI against a series of critical event performance measures:


Click here for our analysis service overview.