Companies often aren't able to develop their own sales pitches, or communicate well with their audiences, and so waste time, effort and energy on expressing themselves to customers, in inefficient uncontrolled ways. By developing the eView platform we wanted to save the world from PowerPoint!

The time is right for a radical change of the way Enterprise work with their own staff and convey messages to clients.

eView enables each individual within an organisation to have one application with only the content they need. With integration to multiple products and services, the eView can give a field team the ability to optimise delivery and be managed efficiently.

Content can either be pushed ( i.e. mandated centrally)  and / or pulled by the individual to the application
  • Dynamic Content Management
  • All Staff on message and up to date
  • Complete control of your content
  • Control of your brand and message
  • Accountability and Audit trails
All with a "wow" delivery The eView solution enables companies to inspire current and new clients to engage