We have been developing cutting edge ipad applications for over 5 years. Focussed on business requirements and delivering back end connectivity to front end style and conveneince our applications have one focus - delivering to the exacting requirements of our customers. We understand your business and can develop either bespoke or tailored solutions For example for Coca Cola we developed an ipad application for their Super Ambassadors           Our  Brief was simple At Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE), customers’ trust and commitment to CCE brands means everything. These are the foundations for business growth and brand value.  The company continues to work on improving and growing the connection – the relationship with each customer, and recognises that a group of senior leaders who have frequent interactions with external customers and stakeholders hold the key to achieving this end. Their “Super Ambassadors”  Super Ambassadors  go above and beyond to turn every conversation with their customers into proactive and positive opportunities for collaborations.  Super Ambassadors need to be equipped to take these conversations to the next level by:
  •                 Being aware of all CCE’s news, CRS credentials and future strategy
  •                 Understand and know their customers’ agendas
  •                 Know the contexts of latest  issues
  •                 Answer difficult questions,
  •                 Present & build differentiated value propositions