Integrated Cyber Services

An outline of just some of the solutions we bring into the integrated dashboard.

Secured E-mail

More than three-quarters of your sensitive data is sent around your organisation, or distributed to your partner organisations, by e-mail. Typical e-mail systems are as secure as postcards sent by regular mail. Anyone watching e-mail traveling around your IT systems, or on the Internet, can read the contents! The only solution is to encrypt your e-mail so that only the sender and the recipients can read the messages and attachments. We have worked with a state of the art secure email solution provider with policy-based controls and auditing enabling a transparent view of what information is sent to who by who where and when. Employees cannot accidentally send sensitive information in unencrypted email.



Multi Factor Authentication

Multifactor authentication (MFA) is a security system that requires more than one method of authentication from independent categories of credentials to verify the user’s identity for a login or other transaction. We have worked with a supplier who offers comprehensive authentication solutions so an organisation can determine precisely who can access what internal data system and when. A person must authenticate using more than just a password. Authentication factors can include biometrics (fingerprints and retina scans), biofactors (how a person types certain words on a keyboard), or physical



Data Masking

Organizations operating in regulated industries, such as financial services, healthcare and government are required to protect sensitive customer and patient data, scrubbing any personal identifiable or commercially sensitive data. However, to retain the ability to test that valuable data, that data cannot be wholly stricken from records, but must instead be unpredictably altered, yet appearing consistent in format. The integrated dashboard again enables visibility in an intuitive format of comprehensive data masking technologies that enable you to create authentic datasets for testing against applications you buy from vendors without exposing your most sensitive information.




Malware is part of what are known as “Advanced Persistent Threats” or APTs. These are highly sophisticated cyber-attacks that bypass virtually all best practice cyber security programs. The goal of the malware is to establish a long-term network presence on your organisation’s Intranet. APTs come from well-organized foreign adversaries that are targeting your organization to gather a specific piece of information today and ultimately maintain long-term access so information can be extracted at will in the future. We have worked with  a unique anti-malware solution that stops APTs in their tracks before they can get inside your organisation.